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At The Explanation Company, I'm helping build missing Internet tools for kids.

In the past, I've helped businesses grow via data-driven growth engineering, growth loop/funnel optimization, online experimentation, A/B testing, technical SEO, and proprietary tools such as Growth Champ for Twitter. I've built 2 profitable companies before and have 2 successful exits under my belt: one as tech co-founder and one as a Growth Lead. I love solving problems using technology, people and processes. I want to contribute to the advancement of the world.

Past: I ran multiple technology companies in the innovation training and internet publishing spaces, with facebook apps used by over 20 million people from over 100 countries, until the apps business got acquired by a large UK-based technology company. I have been named as one of the "Best Young Entrepreneurs" by BusinessWeek and have also received the Distinguished Young Alumni award from the University of Wisconsin-Madison called "Forward Under 40". I have been interviewed by CNBC, BusinessWeek, U.S. News & World Report, India Today, The Hindu and quoted in publications like Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Orlando Sentinel, and others. I have created an international innovation event called Innovation Trip and I've also spoken at various international innovation events such as Product Development & Management Association (PDMA) Conference, Marcus Evans Front End Innovation Conference, TechCoire, IT Vidya Technopreneurship Conference, and JETRO Conference at Chiba University in Japan. Business students learn about me through a chapter written about me in an MBA textbook used in 120 Universities around the world called "Entrepreneurship: Successfully Launching New Ventures" by Dr. Bruce Barringer and Dr. R. Duane Ireland. I have also been written about and quoted in a book called "Innovative India" by Radhika Chadha and Parmit Chadha. I have reviewed business books for notable authors such as Ken Tanner, former senior executive at Taco Bell, and bestselling business author Daniel H. Pink, former Whitehouse speechwriter for Vice President Al Gore. I have made original contributions to both science and business, and have 8 U.S. patents. My patents have been used in the research work of companies like Hewlett-Packard (HP), AT&T, Motorola, Fuji Film, and many more, and my business and innovation related articles have been published in Rediff Business, and Frost & Sullivan's Growth, Innovation & Leadership bulletin. I have also helped other entrepreneurs by providing advice and angel investment, and several of my investments have created new jobs and provided profitable exits.

Some old projects made for fun using Python on GAE, Ruby-on-rails on Heroku, and Javascript/jQuery plus various web APIs.

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